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Silicone Type Grease and Tools

Silicone lubricating Grease and tools for Hans Rudolph valve components; o-ring seals, rotary plugs and sliding pistons. Translucent paste. Food Grade safe. Available in 5.3 oz. tube.

Male, Female and Hose-Barb Sampling Ports

Hans Rudolph, inc. offers a wide variety of male, female & hose barb sampling ports. These ports can be sold individually or in sets.



NoseClips - Disposable & Reusable

Noseclips are available in a Disposable Series 9014 and Reusable Series 9015. The Disposable series is a two piece design with a thermoplastic grip and inert foam cushions. The Reusable series is a three piece design with a stainless steel spring, thermoplastic elastomeric grips and foam cushions.

Mouthpieces - Standard & Saliva Collector Type

Mouthpieces are molded of silicone rubber and are designed with and without integral Saliva Collector. Available in three Bite sizes with three port size connection ranges.

Non-Diffusing Gas Bags

Non-Diffusing Gas bags available in standard sizes of 5, 15, 30, 60 100 & 170 Liters. Custom sizes available per request. This bag is a flat type with heat sealed edges. The bag has a primary bulk head port for a directional type valve attachment and an on/off hose barb valve for filling and sampling. Bag material is a multilayer of inert plastic films with an aluminum foil mid layer.



Connectors & Adapters

Hans Rudolph Connectors are available in four models:


Medical Tapered connectors are precision machined to include all possible configurations of standard 22mm and 15mm ID (female) and OD (male) connections. Sampling barbs included. Connector specifications meet ASTM F1054-87 & ISO 5356-1 1987 for conical fittings. Custom configurations available on request.


O-Ring Slip-Sealing Fit connectors are machined to include ID (female), OD (male) or standard Medical Tapers to mate various size male and female connections. Precision machined medical tapers and O-ring connectors provide leak free connections. Available in several standard size port diameter configurations and custom sizes on request.


7030 Series Shaped series connectors are machined to include 2, 3 & 4 threaded port configurations for optional sized interchangeable port connections. Available in several standard size port diameters and custom sizes on request. Medical taper diameters, O-ring sealing, sampling ports, low dead volumes.


7300 Series Swivel Connectors come in four different models: Non Vented Elbow Swivel, Non Vented Straight Swivel, Non Vented Elbow Swivel with Anti-Asphyxia Valve & Vented Elbow Swivel with Anti-Asphyxia Valve. These valves can be used for Single Limb Critical Care Ventilation, Dual Limb Acute - Sub Acute Care Ventilation and CPAP/Bi-Level applications.

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